Brogging about Bigfoot Interactive

My friend Brad Feld calls it brogging. It’s bragging on your blog about something. I’ve probably done it once or twice, but not often. But I am going to do it now because I am particularly proud of the accomplishment of our portfolio company Bigfoot Interactive.

Bigfoot was just named the clear leader in the email service provider (ESP) market by Forrester Research. Forrester said, “Only one vendor, Bigfoot Interactive, sits squarely in the leader category. They went on to say, “Bigfoot Interactive offers the most comprehensive technology platform, complemented with a strong mix of technology integration and marketing services.”

Kudos to CEO Al DiGuido and his crack team at Bigfoot Interactive. This is an amazing accomplishment in so many ways. Al took over a company called Favemail that had a failed business, migrated the company into the ESP market, changed the name to Expression Engines, and then with the help of the investors in Expression Engines, purchased the failing ESP called Bigfoot Interactive, kept the Bigfoot Interactive name and immediately was faced with stemming huge losses resulting from a collapsing market for email in the middle of 2001.

But Al and his team had a vision. That vision was to create a technology platform that could service the ASP and Agency models at the same time and also satisfy companies that wanted a hybrid of both. They wanted to combine that platform with technology integration services and marketing services to build a full-blown email services solution.

It took three years to realize fully that vision, but they’ve done it. And they are closing a ton of new business as a result. This Forrester Report is likely to help them continue that run.

So that’s my brog on Bigfoot Interactive.

Update: The report has been published on the Forrester site. It is for Forrester subscribers only; but non-subscribers may request a copy of the report by sending an email with your complete contact information to [email protected].

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