I think there are some big things happening in the area of digital photography.

I’ve been trying to post more and more photos to my blog. And when I do, I always enjoy the result.

I got Picasa working on my laptop this weekend and that’s been a big help. I finally have the equivalent of iPhoto on my Windows laptop. I can shrink photos down to the sizes they need to be for posting.

josh_ice_creamAnd this weekend, I set up a Fotolog.

I am going to post my Fotolog photos on my blog too. It would be great if TypePad would let me embed a link to my Fotolog in the photos I post, but I don’t see how I can do that right now.

Fotolog is pretty cool. I am going to try to post a photo every day. That will force me to use my digital camera a lot more. Maybe that will take me to the place that digital photography is headed.

I think that the ubiquity of digital cameras, the increasing connectivity of them (wifi, wireless phones, etc), and the evolution of online photography storage will lead to a different kind of behavior around photography. In the past, the cost of film, the work required to store, categorize, and display the photos in albums or frames, relegated photography to special occasions for most consumers. I think that’s going to change in a bunch of fundamental ways.

And I want to get there before the mainstream does so I can figure out how to profit from it.

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