Googling Teresa Heinz Kerry

Web search does some strange things.

I’ve been getting a ton of traffic (relatively speaking) to my Teresa Heinz Kerry post from a couple weeks ago.

I noticed it because all of a sudden, its become one of the most commented on posts with 2-3 new comments coming every day this week.

That doesn’t normally happen.

I first thought it was related to her “shove it” comment, which is generally what I’d want to say to the right wing nuts who hang out on the Fox network too.

But four of the last five comments were messages written to Teresa and posted on my blog. That’s strange.

So I went to TypePad and looked at the referring URLs for the Teresa Heinz Kerry posts. It was coming from Google. No surprise there.

But when I clicked on the referring link, it all became clear.

Go to Google and type in teresa heinz kerry email address

My blog is the first link on that search string for some strange reason.

So I guess people just click on the link and send her the email.

Now do I have an obligation to forward them?

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