Is This Really Hacking?

Apple is claiming that Real Networks has hacked into the iPod in order to allow songs downloaded from Real’s music store to play on the iPod.

I think this is blowing what Real did way out of proportion. For example there are a bunch of software applications that allow you to print to a PDF file that aren’t made by Adobe. There are a bunch of programs that allow you to create .xls and .doc programs that aren’t sold my Microsoft. Have these developers “hacked” into Acrobat, Word, and Excel? I don’t think so.

In fact, Apple is trying to lock on their iPod customers into the iTunes music store and it won’t work. We are in the age of consumer choice with technology. It’s a world where open standards win. Apple needs to recognize that and lock their customers in with a great experience, which they already deliver, instead of intellectual property wars, which they won’t win.

#VC & Technology