I like this choice. The Democrats now have the two most popular primary candidates on the ticket together.

I like the fact that Kerry did not pick someone like Bob Graham or Tom Vilsack who could deliver an important state. I also like the fact that he didn’t pick someone like Dick Gephardt who he had a better relationship with.

Edwards is likely to help Kerry more than any of those other guys and he will warm up the ticket and help reach out to voters in swing states like Ohio where the race will be won or lost.

It is unfortunate that Kerry wasn’t able to convince John McCain to run with him. Apparently the Bush camp will use that against Kerry. That’s too bad because Kerry’s attempt to create a non-partisan ticket was a great idea than many americans would have embraced with open arms.

Maybe the most interesting thing about this news today is that the NY Post somehow got it wrong. I heard the news via email this morning before leaving for work. On my way to work, I passed a newstand and saw this morning’s edition of the Post with a picture of Dick Gephardt and the headlines “Kerry’s Choice”. I bought a copy to prove to my kids that you can’t always believe what you read in the newspaper. That’s got to be embarassing for Murdoch and crew today.