The Founding Fathers

It’s July 4th, our nations birthday. I love America even though I am not into nationalism.

I am into the founding fathers of our country. I am in the process of reading Ron Chernow’s great book on Alexander Hamilton and Walter Isaacson’s biography of Ben Franklin.

It will take me a long time to get through these books just as it did with books I’ve read in the past on Jefferson and Adams. I read a chapter or two, then put them down, then pick them up again in a month or two.

Regardless of how long it will take me to read these books, I feel an incredible amount of gratitude to these guys and their colleagues who put in place the American form of democracy and capitalism that has taken this country so far so fast. They were the greatest generation in my mind. The country was so much smaller then and we are incredibly lucky to have so many great minds owned by such great men at the exact time we needed them.

So on this birthday of America, I salute the founding fathers of our country.

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