The Galloping Goose

The Galloping Goose was a hybrid bus/train combo that took people and packages from Durango into Telluride. The Gallping Goose has been preserved and is now on Main Street in Telluride next to the Town Hall.

The track that the Galloping Goose took was razor thin and traversed some sheer cliffs. This must have made for some pretty sweaty palms.

Anyway, the railway is gone but the track is now a hiking/biking trail.
We opted to bike the trail and the result was some great downhill runs among the rock gardens that line the trail.

The Gotham Gal tried to make it down a highly technical grade, over a tree stump, and across a creek. I chose to walk that part. She went for a tumble at the tree stump part but seems no worse for the wear and tear.

The picture on the right was taken after the fall and she’s still smiling.

This is a fun ride if you are out that way.

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