To Hell You Ride

H0020034So the Gotham Gal and I left Aspen on Friday afternoon and headed to Telluride. My friend Mark offered to loan us his plane and more importantly his pilot, Capt Bob (that’s him on the right).

The clouds were coming in but we decided to get to Telluride anyway. Those who know me well know that I am not a huge fan of flying. Big planes are not a big deal, but the little ones give me some heartburn.

We flew up into a few big clouds. At one point we started to get bounced around pretty bad and then the hail and sleet started pounding into the side of the plane. Capt Bob and the Gotham Gal didn’t seem too fazed, but I was a mess.

HPIM0038We got through those clouds and then we had the southern rockies out to the left of the plane. It was an amazing site.

The landing at Telluride is pretty crazy. It’s the highest commercial airport in the country and its a mesa and you land right over the edge of the mesa. Capt Bob handled it beautifully and we were on the ground. And I was happy about that.

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