Jeff Jarvis and Clay Shirkey are piling on Seth Godin’s Change This before Seth and his team of talented interns can even get started.

This feels to me like convicting the criminal before he even committed the crime.

I say let’s see what Change This creates, and then we can criticize it. Maybe it will evolve into something great. Maybe it will fail.

Blogging is not the big new thing. People centric media, or citizen’s media as Jeff calls it, is the new big thing. I do not believe that PDFs vs blogging is an interesting distinction. Yes, Change This will have to figure out how to let people link to their manifestos. I think what really matters is if Change This can create a new way for important dialog to happen. I think its got a chance.

Those who close the door to people trying new things are doing so at a disservice to everyone. I say “Bring it on Seth.”

#VC & Technology