Change This

Well there’s quite a bit of negative chatter on blogs lately about Change This. Jeff Jarvis takes a pot shot at Change This today even before he’s read the stuff. That’s really open minded Jeff.

Anyway, in the spirit of full disclosure, I am a friend of, fan of, and former investor in Seth Godin, the mastermind behind Change This. Seth is full of good ideas, some that pan out, others that don’t. But at least he’s not afraid to try something new, to change things.

This time, he and his band of change agents are out to change media. That’s a tall order and I am not sure it will work. But I am sure game to help them out. So I’ve agreed to read the manifestos and review them.

I’ve read five so far and one of them is really good. It’s called The Art of the Start and its a short primer on how to start new businesses.

I highly recommend Art of the Start to anyone thinking about starting a business. I particularly like the Make Meaning, Make Mantra, and Get Going sections. In fact, I think I’ll start using the Make Mantra as my own Mantra with entrepreneurs.

You can click here to download the first chapter of Art of the Start and read about making Mantra yourself.

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