MP3 of the Week

I try to go to see live music as much as I can. There’s no better way to get to know a band, its music, its repertoire, and its musicians.

Last week we went to see Modest Mouse. We only knew one album, the terrific Good News for People Who Like Bad News, which in my mind is certainly one of best album of 2004 so far.

The band played a lot of songs that I really liked but hadn’t heard before. So I went searching around the Internet for a set list which I never found. But along the way, I came across a bootleg CD that the band sells off their website called Baron Von Bullshit Rides Again. It’s a live recording of a show earlier this year. And it has most of the songs that they played at the show we went to last week. So I bought it.

It’s really great. Live versions of songs like Paper Thin Walls, 3rd Planet, Bankrupt on Selling, and the massive Doin’ The Cockroach are on it.

One of my favorites is Broke. So its my MP3 of the Week.

#My Music