VOIP Debate

Om Malik and Bill Burnham are having a discussion about whether Vonage’s plan to get big fast is the right way to become the leader in the consumer VOIP business.

Bill thinks it has a chance.

OM doesn’t.

I have my doubts as well. I don’t like the “get big fast” business plan. It, by definition, assumes if you don’t get big fast, you aren’t going to get big at all. I’ve seen this movie end badly many more times than I’ve seen a happy ending.

And I’ve invested in VOIP as well. It’s a price commoditizing business if I’ve ever seen one. There are very few differentiating factors in VOIP service today. If Vonage isn’t working too well, you just swap it out and put in ATT CallVantage.

It does feel a lot like online brokerages all over again. Thanks for that analogy Bill. It works for me.

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