Advice Please

I’ve been a blackberry user since 1998. First it was the pager size device for a couple years. Then I got my 5700 series about four years ago. I’ve had it ever since and it’s been great. I hate to give it up actually.

But it’s time for me to move to a single phone/PDA device. Almost everyone else I know made that move last year and I am still in double device mode.

So until today, I was thinking it was Treo vs. Blackberry. And I’ve been leaning toward Treo since my partners are all using that device right now.

But Brad’s post this morning about Sidekick II has got me thinking. Maybe there’s a third option for me to consider.

Mark Cuban’s post on Sidekick II is another strong endorsement, but the commenters suggest that Sidekick doesn’t integrate well into corporate email systems. If that’s the case, then its a non-starter with me.

Advice anyone?

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