Blustery Bridge Ride

My friend Jimmy and I went for a bike ride today up the west side and across the George Washington Bridge into New Jersey. It’s a great ride.

Today it was really windy. We were into a 20mph wind the whole way up the west side. It was great when we got to the bridge.

The views of the city on this windy but bright and sunny morning were fantastic.

The wind was so strong on the bridge that we had to ride leaning hard to one side just to stay balanced.

When we headed back down the ramp off the bridge to head home, we found out that taking all of these pictures isn’t kosher anymore. I guess we have Bin Laden to thank for that.

The ride back downtown was a blast with the wind at our backs. After Jimmy peeled off around the boathouse on 79th, I put on My Morning Jacket and raced home.

I wish I could do that ride everyday. It feels great.

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