Debate Night

It’s finally here. An opportunity to see if Bush can really make the case for his preemptive offensive foriegn policy to the american public in a forum where debate is tolerated.

And an opportunity for those who disagree with Bush (in the form of John Kerry) to make the case that Bush’s foriegn policy is dangerous and wrong.

I think (and most everyone else does too) that it’s John Kerry’s big moment. He needs to stand toe to toe with Bush and make him answer the hard questions, like why we stopped fighting terror in the form of Al Qaeda and started creating terror where none existed (Iraq). And Kerry needs to put an end to the questions of whether he’d be a strong enough leader in the war on terror.

I’ve been reading that the debate is meaningless. What matters is the spin, the post-debate debate. And I’ve been reading that the spin is where the Bush team will ultimately win.

Well that’s terrible if its true. Because I could care less what the pundits say. I care what the two guys have to say. So, I’ll wach the debate at home with The Gotham Gal and my kids and we’ll have our own post-debate debate. We won’t watch the spin.

Apparently the NY Times’ political reporter Adam Nagourney won’t be participating in the post-debate debate. Maybe everyone is beginning to realize that they can think for themselves instead of being told what to think and write. That’s the blog mantra taking hold.

I’ll wrap up this rambling post with a request. I’d like every blogger out there to blog the debate. Watch it and tell us what each of you think, without listening to the spin. Don’t just publish the Bush Debate Feed. Tell us what you really think.

I promise you I’ll do that. And it won’t be pro-Kerry spin unless I really feel he deserves it.

UPDATE: The Gotham Gal tells us what she really thinks about Bush and her advice for Kerry tonight.