Electoral College (Continued)

Well the two meters on my site are no longer that different and, it turns out, the one the right wingers were calling pro-Kerry has the better numbers for Bush right now.

Electoral-vote.com, the so-called pro-Kerry site, has it 296 for Bush, 238 for Kerry.

Electionprojection.com, the so-called pro-Bush site, has it 285 for Bush, 253 for Kerry.

There are a number of differences and it’s too early to be making too big of a deal, but Electionprojection.com has Wisconsin for Kerry and Electoral-vote.com has it for Bush. Colorado and Iowa are also called differently on the two sites.

My friend Jason Chervokas commented on my last post on this topic, saying

Kerry needs a sweep of Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan…he needs both Oregon and Washington….and then, assuming he loses Ohio and New Mexico (I think the former is certain, the latter less so), he needs both Florida and Pennsylvannia

Well using the pro-Bush numbers, right now Kerry has that entire mix with the exception of Florida. Is it possible that this election will come down to Florida, just as 2000 did?