Joss Stone (continued)

Almost a year ago, in one of my first posts, I wrote about hearing Joss Stone’s Soul Sessions disc for the first time. I was blown away by her voice.

That post continues to get comments and at one time was the top page on Google’s “Joss Stone” search term. That’s long gone, mainly because she has risen from a nobody to a star in one year.

We continue to be big fans of Joss and this week we got the twin benefit of getting a preview of her new album, Mind, Body & Soul, and seeing her in concert.

Actually it was the Gotham Gal and the girls who went to see Joss, while Josh and I went to see Franz Ferdinand.

Apparently Joss was great in concert. I am sorry I missed that.

But I’ve had a chance to listen to Mind, Body and Soul a few times now.

The first five songs are really great. The album opens with Right To Be Wrong and Jet Lag, my two favorite songs on the record. Then two out of the next three are the singles, You Had Me and Don’t Cha Wanna Ride.

The record is a lot more commerical than Soul Sessions and I don’t like it quite as much, particularly the second half which feels very run of the mill.

But for those of you who loved Soul Sessions, I think you should absolutely get this record.

As I’ve said in prior posts about Joss, this girl can flat out sing.

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