So there’s a guy named “Mandown” who’s decided he doesn’t like my blog and is making some snide comments.

Like the following:

Fred is a typical liberal – raving with righteous indignation while stinking to high heaven of hypocrisy.

Not to mention thin-skinned; watch, he’ll delete this comment too.

And the following:

C’mon, you don’t actually expect a Leftist like Fred to have any integrity and show a truthful electoral count, do ya? They will do everything in their power to obfuscate the truth and regain power.

I have the following to say to you Mandown:

1 – Why don’t you give me a URL so I can go post nasty stuff about you on your blog?

2 – I won’t delete your comments. I’ll post them so everyone can see what a jerk you are.

3 – How dare you question my integrity and call me a hypocrite. On what basis do you make those claims?

Jackson has more to say on this subject.

I’d appreciate it if it all of you might weigh in on this guy in the comments section.

I don’t like stuff like this.

There’s plenty of room for debate but no place for nastiness in the blog world.

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