Many of you probably use a feed reader and some of you use Newsgator.

In fact, according to Feedburner, Newsgator is the fourth most popular feed reader for people who subscribe to my blog via RSS.

I’ve been using Kinja and Newsgator as my two readers. I’ve been using Kinja as my web reader and Newsgator as my email reader.

I’ve never liked having two readers. Adding new blogs to two readers is a pain. But I do like the ability to read in Outlook at times. I read on the web most of the time. It’s just more natural for me.

Last week I decided to try to standardize on Newsgator which means I am using their web reader now. It’s OK but I miss some stuff from Kinja. I am getting used to it though and I think they’ll add more good stuff to it over time.

My friend and fellow blogger Brad Feld is an investor in Newsgator now so that gives me even more confidence that they’ll get it right.

So with all of that as a background, the one thing I’ve always disliked about Newsgator is the name. I hate the percieved association with the spyware company Gator. Well it looks like I am not the only one. Greg Reinacker, the founder of NewsGator, has a post up on his blog seeking comments on whether or not they should change the name of the company. If you are a user, its a great way to participate in an important decision being made by a company whose products you use. Can you imagine Coke or General Motors doing that?

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