Republican or Democrat?

All week long my kids have been asking us, what makes someone a Republican or Democrat? In talking to our friends, they’ve been getting similar questions from their kids.

It’s a tough question because although I am a Democrat and have been since college, I don’t want to indoctrinate my kids into being Democrats too. My Dad and Mom are Republicans and they allowed me to grow up and develop my own political leanings.

On the other hand, I think its important that our kids understand our politcal system and what makes the two parties different.

So I’ve been trying to come up with a fair and balanced list of issues that can define someone’s political leanings.

Jackson has his list, and like his friend Tony Alva, I have some issues with it. While I emotionally agree with most of Jackson’s assertions, it’s not the kind of balanced list I want to give my kids.

So here’s my list so far. Yes gets 1 point. If you have more than 6 points, you are probably a Democrat. I am open to any suggestions and improvements. That’s what the comment link is for.

– A Balanced Budget vs. Lower Taxes – Is a balanced Federal budget more important to you than lower taxes?
– Tolerance vs. Morality – Is tolerance of other lifestyles more important than a moral code of conduct in our society?
– Individual Security vs. A Gun Free Society – Is a country without guns more important to you than a secure home?
– Prison vs. Capital Punishment – Do you favor imprisonment for life over capital punishment?
– Socialism vs. Capitalism – Do you favor a society with a big social safety net over a society where people get to keep more of what they make for themselves?
– Statesmanship vs. Unilateralism – Do you believe the US should always work in concert with other countries instead of “going it alone” when it needs to?
– Public vs. Private Education – Do you think the federal government should only fund public schools?
– Judicial Freedom – Do you think that judges should be free to “interpret” the laws of our country?
– Scientific Advances – Do you think science should be allowed to advance unchecked by our moral code?
– Enviroment vs. Business – Do you think the environment should be protected even if its harmful to business?

I answer all these questions with a Yes. That’s my choice. That’s why I am a Democrat and proud of it.