As you all know, I’ve been very interested in how the voice business changes once Voice over IP (VOIP) takes hold as the primary method of making and recieving phone calls.

I’ve stated that I think voice turns out to be a lot like email and other open Internet-based messaging technologies and there will be a lot of opportunities to start new businesses as a result.

Well, it appears that the bad parts of the Internet are also going to impact VOIP. I heard a new term today, SPIT, Spam over Internet Telephony.

SPIT is where a marketer uses VOIP technology to send massive amounts of marketing messages to VOIP mailboxes. This technology has good uses, like emergency notifications and the like, but mostly its a bad thing.

Apparently a venture backed company in Maryland called Quovia has filed for a patent on SPIT blocking technologies.

I’ll have to learn more about this stuff. It’s interesting.

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