What Kind of Crap Is This? (continued)

I have used that headline in the past to talk about nasty stuff that the Bush team has been doing.

But I like it so much that I am going to use it to talk about all kinds of nasty stuff I see. Yes Hector (aka Heckler) I’ll even try to find some nasty stuff that Kerry is doing and call that out too.

This post is about phishing. It’s worse than spam, viruses, or spyware. I am adding it to my Internet Axis of Evil list which currently includes

Spam & Viruses
Comment Spam

If you want to learn more about this crap, visit the Anti-Phishing Working Group.

I got this email today:

Dear SunTrust Bank customer,

Recently there have been a large number of identity theft attempts targeting SunTrust Bank customers.In order to safeguard your account, we require that you confirm your banking details.
This process is mandatory, and if not completed within the nearest time your account may be subject to temporary suspension.

To securely confirm your SunTrust Bank account details please click on the link below:


Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter and thank you for using SunTrust Bank.

SunTrust Bank Internet Banking & Support department.

First, I am not a SunTrust Bank Customer

Second, even if I was I would never react to an email like this.

But so many unsuspecting people will fall for this, today, tomorrow, and for a long time to come.

This crap has to be stopped. The people doing this should be put in jail. For a long long time.

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