Almost no one reads blogs???

Frank Barnako, who I read daily and usually agree with, said something on Friday that really irritates me.

He said, “almost nobody reads blogs“.

Well I must beg to differ.

Frank – somewhere around 5,000 to 10,000 people per month read my blog. And its just my personal experiment with transparency.

Wonkette got 140,000 visits last wednesday. That’s one woman doing that. I seriously doubt the Washington Post, the paper Frank compared blogs to, gets 140,000 visits per day for every journalist it has on staff.

And how about that for transparency? Nick Denton posts the sitemeter stats for his blogs for the world to see. I am not aware of any “traditional media” company that does that.

Instapundit did over 8 million (yes MILLON) pages views last month.

If these stats read “nobody to you” Frank then I am missing something.

Frank – please tell us how many people subscribe to your daily column. I’ll wager its less than many blogs daily visitor stats.

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