Blogs - Wall Street Wakes Up

Last October, I decided to start blogging because I thought there was something interesting happening and the only way I know how to figure something out is to do it. I was captured by the “transparency” of blogging and the result is this blog.

Well, about a year later Wall Street is waking up to the same thing. Not suprisingly its being led by Mary Meeker who, despite all heat she took after the bubble burst, is one of the smartest analysts on Wall Street working in the technology and internet sector. I’d also put Safa Rashtchy from Piper Jaffray and a few others on my short list. But regardless, Mary is someone I pay attention to.

She just issued a report, nominally about Yahoo! and its embrace of RSS, but its really a report about blogging and RSS and the impact on Yahoo! and the other content aggregators. Mary concludes that blogging and RSS are important and will be a big driver of revenues for some companies going forward. She points to Yahoo! and Google as two obvious beneficiaries, but also looks to emerging business models that can create meaninful revenues for the bloggers themselves.

I won’t try to summarize the main points of the report. If you are interested, go read it. It’s freely available on Morgan Stanley’s website.

But I do have a question that I’d pose to Mary – Why doesn’t she have a blog herself?

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