Charting Bush (Continued)

I love charts. Graphical representations of numbers always tell me things that pure numbers can’t. And time based charts – trend lines – are my favorite charts.Futures_market_chart

I’ve been watching three charts for the past couple months.

The first is the Iowa Business School Futures Market. This is a real market where real dollars are traded. And this is by far the most volatile of the three charts. It’s where you see small trends maginified. It’s where you see the biggest movements. This is a market after all.

The second is Bush’s approval ratings. There’s been very little change on this chart so I am not going to post it right now. This election should be a referendum on the job he’s doing. It wasn’t that for about a month, after the Republican convention, but it seems the first debate put the campaign back to where it should be and this chart matters alot. Interestingly, the approval numbers are right at 50/50 and have been since the convention. Electoral_college_graph

The third chart is what ultimately matters. The electoral college. This is from the “pro-Kerry” site called so take the absolute numbers with a grain of salt, but its the trends I am talking about anyway. These numbers are moving in Kerry’s direction too.

I’ll be posting these charts every week or so from now until the election. I hope you like them as much as I do.