One of my favorite technology columns of all time was Infoworld’s Notes From The Field, written by Robert X. Cringley. It was like Hunter S. Thompson meets the technology business. Always witty, mostly right, never boring.

So when my friend Tommy emailed me a recent column from Cringely, I thought “great, he’s got a blog”. Well not quite. Robert X. Cringley is working for PBS and writes a regular column that is hosted at PBS.

You can get it emailed to you, but you can’t get an RSS feed (at least that I could find).

This particular column that Tommy emailed me is worth reading. It’s about how simple it is to replace your phone company and cable company with a WiFi-based system that gives you a lot better version of both, for a whole lot less.

It’s the seven digital disruptions post being demonstrated in real life. And its working today.

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