Exploding TV (continued)

The interactive aspect of blogs is what makes them so great. The rewards I get for blogging go way beyond the $50/month I get from Google and send to the Grameen foundation. The top two rewards are comments on my blog and links I get from other blogs. Some people send me a track back ping when they link to me, but mostly I find these links from Technorati.

Today I found a new site via Technorati called TV Harmony. It’s all about digital convergence. I read all the recent posts and it’s great stuff. It’s in my feedreader already.

I particularly liked the post in response to my post on Exploding TV. It’s like we had this guy in the room with us last Tuesday. He makes a strong case for VOD and states some issues with downloadable TV. Here are some clips. Go read the entire post if you are interested in this topic.

for a large percentage of the population, VOD, especially if it expands to becoming a centralized DVR, is likely going to be the easier solution.

the battle will ultimately be played out on HDTV. The cost of HDTV is getting lower each day, and more and more people are buying HDTV-ready sets. More and more content is being delivered in HDTV format, and it won’t take too much time before people demand HDTV streams as a viewing preference. HDTV content will ultimately have a “broadcast flag” making reproduction more difficult for people, and the size of the files will increase.

video’s relationship with people [is] different than the relationship people have with music. People listen to music over and over again, but in general, video is a single use commodity for the most part. This changes the calculus slightly in that the pain to download a video has to be less than the pain to download a music track, or it doesn’t seem worth it.

content providers have an excellent opportunity to create their own services before the suffer a napster-like meltdown.

Great stuff. Blogging the lunchtime converstation extended it very nicely.

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