Google Desktop Search (continued)

I am on the fence with this product. It does a great job of finding stuff on my desktop. It’s a lot better than the search built into Windows. It’s a lot better than the search built into Outlook.

But I am not using it very much. Old habits die hard and I still use the Outlook search feature a lot more than Google Desktop Search. It’s just more complicated to leave the email application, go to my browser, select desktop, and type in the search term.

And then there’s the issue of overhead. It slows down the launch of Outlook for sure. It also slows down the booting of my computer. I think its interfering with Norton Anti-Virus and it also messes up my online backup service, Connected.

And its murder on the battery life of my laptop with its constant indexing in the background.

I am not in a hurry to de-install it, but neither am I thrilled that I installed it.

I think Microsoft has a shot at doing this a lot better than Google. I read today that they will debut their desktop search tool in December. If they get it right, I’ll be happy to use their desktop search since it will certainly be more tightly integrated into Windows and Outlook.