I posted a picture of an IPO Prospectus on my blog back in July. It was for our portfolio company PlanetOut. Well it took quite a while, but PlanetOut is a public company this morning. They went effective last night at $9/share and will be trading this morning under the ticker symbol LGBT. I think there are quiet period obligations so I won’t say much more about the Company, but its a great company, with great management, and I expect it will be a great stock over time.

And in the category of “when it rains, it shines”, we had another public offering in our portfolio this week. On Tuesday night, Gurunet went public at $5/share and is trading under the ticker symbol GRU. For those of you who don’t know GuruNet, go check out the service at Answers.com. It’s a great service and we hope it will be a great stock too.

Congratulations to Lowell Selvin and his team at PlanetOut and to Bob Rosenschein and his team at Gurunet. It’s great to have the IPO market back.

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