Phone Numbers (continued)

This is a topic I’ve been interested for a while. See my earlier post on the subject for some background.

Phone numbers are becoming like email addresses. You get a number you like and you can keep it. The first step was number portability. When you change mobile phone carriers, you can keep your number now. That’s a big deal.

But things go a step further with VOIP. If you like your 212 number, you can take it with you when you and your family move to Tokyo. At least that’s what one family did according to an article in today’s NY Times.

Apparently these changes are starting to be noticed in our society. The same article talks about a pastor in Potomac, MD (where The Gotham Gal is from) who posted a sermon on the Internet calling the 212 area code, “God’s Area Code”. Since I own a block of 212 numbers, I think I’ll hold onto them as they appreciate in value.

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