Should WiFi Be Public Infrastructure? (continued)

I blogged about Philly making Wifi free throughout the city back in early September.

Today I read that San Francisco is doing the same thing.

San Francisco mayor Gavin Newsom today said the city plans to launch citywide free WiFi access. Speaking at his annual state of the city address, Newsom said, “No San Franciscan should be without a computer and a broadband connection.” San Francisco will eventually deploy free WiFi access throughout the city’s public buildings and public spaces. Newsom said the city has already launched free WiFi service at Union Square, a shopping and tourist hub. The city plans to soon add WiFi access to several other sections of the city, including Civic Center around City Hall. San Francisco is the latest urban center to announce plans for a citywide wireless network. Both New York and Philadelphia have announced initiatives to launch WiFi hotzones.

It’s happening. Wifi is going to be public infrastructure like roads, tunnels, and bridges.

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