The Dead 60s

We have a friend in the music business. He manages artists. He was over one night this week and told us of a trip he’d just made to Liverpool to meet a band he might want to manage. I asked him what made him do a 24 hour back and forth trip to Liverpool. He told me he heard their hit song and knew they had something special.

The band is called The Dead 60s and I spent some time this morning on the Internet and finally found their hit song Riot Radio available on Napster.

It’s a great song. And sure to be a hit here in the states eventually. They’ve got another song called You’re Not The Law which is also great.

They sound like the Clash with a little bit of the Specials thrown in for good measure. There are a number of young bands out of England that take their sound from the Clash. Another of my favorites are The Libertines.

Here is their hit single, Riot Radio, encoded at 64kbps. If you want to hear a high quality version, go get it legally on Napster.

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