The Magnetic Fields

There is a good article in the Sunday NY Times Magazine section on Bob Hurwitz’ Nonesuch Records.

This is a rare record label where you can trust the quality of the music based on the label that puts it out. Nonesuch’s artists include one of my favorites, Wilco, and other greats like David Byrne, Caetano Veloso, Laurie Anderson, Kronos Quartet, Brian Wilson, Orchestra Baobab, Ry Cooder, and plenty of other incrdible artists.

One of the coolest things about this label is their deal with Carnegie Hall where Nonesuch artists perform at Carnegie’s Zankel Hall. It’s called Nonesuch at Carnegie.

As I was reading the New York Times article, I realized that we really liked one of the Nonesuch artists called Magnetic Fields. We have one disk of theirs called 69 Love Songs. We bought the record about five years ago and it was on our CD player for about a year before it slowly worked its way off our playlist.

I went back to that record yesterday afternoon and it’s great. Many of the songs are catcy pop tunes, but it also works as great background music. I bought their new disc called I and I’ll let you know what I think.

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