VP Debate

I tivo’d the debate and went to see Wilco last night.

I got up this morning and watched it.

I think Cheney and Edwards went toe to toe on Iraq and foriegn policy and while both drew blood, it ended up pretty even. Cheney made the “flip flop” case a lot better than Bush did the other night. Edwards defended Kerry with the skill of a world class lawyer, which he is. A draw on Iraq and foriegn policy seems like a win for Kerry/Edwards to me.

The domestic debate had some interesting moments. The differences between the two campaigns on taxes were fairly obvious. Cheney used the tried and true approach of labeling democrats as taxers. Edwards did a good job explaining that democrats prefer to tax the rich and reduce taxes on the middle class and poor.

The back and forth on gay marriage was clearly a difficult moment for Cheney. And Cheney missed an opportunity to make hay with the trial lawyers opportunity.

I think the Bush fans will see this as a clear victory for Cheney and I’ve seen that on some conservative blogs.

I think Kerry fans will see this as a clear victory for Edwards and I’ve seen that on some liberal blogs.

The online polls are also conflicting.

This probably means the VP Debate will turn out to be a non-event in the overall picture of this campaign.

Good thing I didn’t pass up Wilco to watch it live.