What Is Media?

A great post on a great panel – Jarvis blogs Batelle, Nisenholtz, Ramsey, and Bonnie talking about media.

We backed two of these guys and wish we’d backed all four.

I use the products these guys put out every day. Tivo, NewYorkTimes.com, Searchblog, and cNet are all a part of my life. They are my media. Along with Jarvis, Malik, Gotham Gal, Jackson, Emily, and a host of others. I’d post my OMPL file if I knew how.

Media is changing. We all know that. I read that oil prices rose above $50 for the first time on my mobile phone – the minute it happened. I tivo’d the VP Debate and watched it the next day. I saw Jon Stewart’s hilarious thing on Poland via Bit Torrent.

It’s about when, where, and how we want to get our media. And from whom. Technology is driving all of this. And it’s opening up all kinds of new opportunities.

Here are some great quotes from the panel that I love:

John Battelle – “Television’s just a data base that can be searched.”
Marc Cantor – “NO” when asked if he buys the premise that coping content is the ruination of media
Shelby Bonnie – “the blogosphere is delivering…incredibly rich viewpoints and it can be incredibly complementary to a publisher.”
Martin Nisenholtz – “We expose it…by opening up.”
John Battelle – “Separating news from opinion…is the role of the readers”
Mike Ramsey – “nobody can stop us”

The rebel in me just loves that last line.

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