Advice Please (continued)

At the beginning of September I asked for advice on which phone/PDA combo I should get.

I’d like to thank everyone who gave me advice. I got fifteen responses in the comments section and another ten or so via email. That was very helpful.

Many wanted to know where I came out. I took my time making the decision and came close to going with Treo.7100t_1

But in the end I stayed with Blackberry because they fixed the main thing I didn’t like about their PDA phones. They finally came out with a phone that feels like a phone.

I got my Blackberry 7100t this weekend and I love it already. The new keypad is great. I have always been a Tmobile user so that wasn’t an issue with me. I like the IM clients (both AOL and Yahoo). And the web browser is fine. But the best thing is it works perfectly with our Blackberry Exchange Server and that’s what I’ve always loved about Blackberry. It just does email better.

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