Broadcatching (continued)

Back in June, I blogged that this RSS+Bittorrent stuff, which I call broadcatching, was too complicated.

This morning I’ve got a great example of both the power and the complexity of it.

I subscribe to an RSS feed called Wilco Base Set List.  They publish a list of the songs in every live Wilco show.   It makes for interesting reading but occasionally a lot more.

This morning I was going through my feeds and saw that Wlco played Blue Oyster Cult’s Don’t Fear The Reaper as its final encore song at the Fillmore show in San Francisco last week.

Well I just had to get that.

So I went to and looked for the show.  I found it and downloaded the torrent into Azureus and I am downloading the show now.

But that’s not the end of it.  The show is in FLAC format so I’ve got to convert it to MP3, then put into into iTunes and synch to my iPod.

That’s quite a few steps that I’d love someone to simplify for me.  But it’s also a big opportunity as well.  If anyone can integrate this experience from RSS through the iPod, then they’ve got a homerun on their hands.

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