Although we’ve lived in New York for over 20 years, we’ve only lived in two boroughs, Manhattan and Brooklyn. 

Although we prefer to live in Manhattan, we love Brookyn too.

I took a bike ride to Red Hook this morning.  It was a beautiful day for a ride. 

Probably the best part of the ride is the Brooklyn Bridge.  It is an amazement to me.  When it was built, it was an engineering feat.  Today, it is simply one of the most fantastic looking structures in the world.Hpim0631

The views on the Brooklyn Bridge were amazing.

Hpim0622 Hpim0629

The bridge is actually a fun ride.  It starts with a pretty steep uphill ride, then its flat, where the views are best, and then you get a great downhill ride off the bridge.

I took the opportunity to ride into Brookyln Heights where we lived when the girls were babies and Josh wasn’t even born.  We lived at 60 Sydney Place.

Hpim0635 Hpim0633

Seeing that building brought back a lot of memories.

Then I crossed Atlantic Avenue, full of Middle Eastern spice shops, and rode through Cobble Hil.  I love Cobble Hill.  My all time favorite butcher sop is on Court Street in Cobble Hill.  It’s called Staubitz Market.


Then I rode down the hill through Carroll Gardens, under the Brooklyn Queens Expressway, and into Red Hook.  When we lived in Brooklyn, Red Hook was not a place you wanted to go.  Today it is supposedly getting a lot better.  I didn’t see much sign of that, but I have heard that there are going to build a Greenway in Red Hook and that would be very cool.  The views of the Harbor from that Greenway will be amazing.

I turned around and rode back through Cobble Hill and Carroll Gardens on Clinton Street.  It was a quiet Sunday morning and there weren’t many cars on the streets.  In Brooklyn Heights, I rode along the promenade.  This is one of the nicest urban views in the world.


The whole ride only took an hour and a half door to door.

I am going to start exploring Brooklyn by bike.  My next two rides are going to be Prospect Park and Coney Island.

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