Brooklyn (continued)

Riding around Brooklyn is becoming my regular Sunday morning bike ride.  It was a rainy and cold morning so I let my friends and family sleep in and I went solo.  And I had an assignment from my mom, which I’ll get to in a minute.

I rode up Park Slope and did the loop around Prospect Park.

The thing that amazes me about Brooklyn is that it feels like a city all to itself.  It’s got its own dowtown which I ride through on the way to Prospect Park.  And its got its own cultural institutions. 

Brooklyn’s Grand Army Plaza feels like something out of a major european city.


And they sure don’t make libraries like this anymore.


After I did the loop, I went into Park Slope and checked out a couple of old townhouses that my mom’s family had built back in the 1880s.

Hpim0830 Hpim0837

Then I headed back home.  The entire ride was about 15 miles.  It’s a little shorter than my usual Sunday morning ride to the GW Bridge and back, but if I do another loop in Prospect Park it would be about the same.

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