Browser Market Share

Remember when we used to focus on Netscape vs Internet Explorer market share?  Back in the mid-90s, that was a big deal.  Slowly, but surely, Microsoft took the market away from Netscape.  That led to the anti-trust suits which ended up giving Microsoft a wrist slap.

Most of us in the technology business felt that the market would, in the end, have a more powerful impact on Microsoft than legal efforts.  And that’s turning out to be true, driven by open source.

Linux is having an impact on Windows market share.

And Firefox is starting to accumulate some real browser market share.

Here’s a chart from Technology Futurist, a great site on technology and trends.  It shows the share of browsers that visit his site.


Clearly, Technology Futurist’s readers are more techy and more likely to use Firefox than the average user, but this is a trend.  Microsoft’s got competition in the browser market again.

If you want to download Firefox, you can get it for free here.

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