My ISP Hacked?

One of my first reads every morning is Jeff Jarvis’ Buzzmachine.  I don’t always agree with Jeff, but I find him provocative, intelligent, and entertaining.  That’s a winning combo.

So just now, 5:40am, I went to Buzzmachine and got "RX Prescription Meds" instead.  I was offered Viagra and Phentermine for $89, Soma for $69, and Ambien for $169.

I go elsewhere on the Internet and the same thing happens to me.  Some sites are fine, but many are not.

It turns out its some kind of DNS hack. 

This is outrageous.  I am adding DNS hacking to my Internet Axis of Evil.  This stuff is really bad.

UPDATE:  This one’s a thorny problem.  I didn’t think it was spyware because I am using Firefox.  I briefly thought it was the Internet itself that had been hacked, and sent about a half dozen emails to friends whose sites were impacted.  But Jarvis told me he didn’t have an issue connecting.   So then I thought it was my machine, but then I realized every machine in my house had the same issue.  Macs, PCs, etc.  I doubt its a virus infecting every machine in the house.  I suspect its my ISP at this point.

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