Electoral College (Continued)

I’ve been to most of the electoral college sites this morning and it is so close.

My two favorites are electoral-vote.com and electionprojection.com. You can see links to these two on the left hand column of my blog.

Electoral-vote.com has Kerry up this morning 283 to 246.

Election projection.com has Bush up this morning 286 to 252.

But my favorite map this morning is Tom Watson’s map.Watson_map

He’s been to every site and looked at every number and he has the following to say:

So there are three scenarios for a Kerry victory – and one for Bush, according to my calculations. Kerry will win if he can pick off either Ohio or Florida. The third scenario has him losing both of those big battleground states, but sweeping the Southwest states, a longshot in my view. To mind my, Bush needs to win both Ohio and Florida and pick off a state in the Southwest.

So there you have it. We are back to where we were a month ago. Kerry needs to win either Florida or Ohio to win.