We love Halloween in our family. Everyone gets into it.

In New York City, there is a great parade on Sixth Avenue on Halloween. We live right down the street and people pour past our house going to and from the parade. Kids and their parents trick or treat up and down the streets around our neighborhood.

Josh_and_copSo we set up on our stoop and light the Jack O’Lanterns and watch the scene unfold. It’s always a blast.

Jessica was a sixties mod hipster. Emily and her two friends were Charley’s Angels. And Josh was James Bond.

The funniest scene of the night was when Josh (in his tuxedo) was running up and down our street (which was closed to traffic due to the parade) shooting his cap gun at his friend Max.

A policeman who was making sure the crowd from the parade didn’t get out of hand decided to have some good fun with Josh and “arrested him for possesion of a dangerous weapon”. We were all howling at that one!

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