In Heavy Rotation

I’ve been thinking of what to do with the real estate on the left column where I had the electoral college images.  They came off on wednesday morning and I haven’t put anything in their place.

Today, I decided to add a new section to this blog.   I call it "In Heavy Rotation."  It’s the five CDs I am listening to the most right now.  Currently, I’ve got Eminem’s Encore, Modest Mouse’s Moon and Antartica, The Replacements’ Please To Meet Me, The Clash’s London Calling, and The Kings of Convenience’s Riot On An Empty Street.

Thanks to Peter Burakowski for turning me on to The Kings of Convenience.  They are like Simon and Garfunkel meets Belle and Sebastian.  Great for a lazy saturday afternoon.  Which is what I am enjoying right now.

I hope you all enjoy "In Heavy Rotation".  The album cover images link to Amazon in case you want to purchase any of them.

#My Music