Kanoodle and TypePad

As you can all see, I run AdSense on my blog. 

I’ve made a total of $264 since I started using it in March, on average $1/day.  I give all of the money to The Grameen Foundation which runs microlending programs in developing countries.  There’s something I like about the micropayments I get from Google going to places where a dollar a day might make a difference.

So the announcement that Six Apart, the provider of the TypePad service I use to run this blog, has made a deal with Kanoodle, another contextual ad network is interesting to me.

Getting AdSense to work on my blog was a major hassle and I’ve been asking SixApart to integrate all of this stuff for me and it’s other customers for quite a while.

It’s interesting that they chose Kanoodle over Google and Overture.  I don’t have the data, but what I’ve heard is that Google and Overture command the vast majority of contextually targeted ad inventory.

If that’s true, then I guess I have a choice to make.  Do I swap out AdSense for something that’s better integrated?  Or do I stay with AdSense because its got more ads and therefore should generate more money? 

I wonder if I can run both side by side.  I think that’s against Google’s terms of service, but maybe I’ll give that a try to see which is more effective and more profitable.

One thing is for sure.  Since the political season ended, I’ve been making less on Adsense.  The political ads are gone and the blog and hosting ads are back, which generate very little click-thru on my blog.

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