Mid Afternoon Blog Check

I can’t take it any more. I am taking some time out of the work day to find out what’s going on.

Here is what I’ve found out.

1) Drudge is hard to log into. But he’s got a Kerry leaning headline up.
2) Talkingoints is impossible to log into.
3) Buzzmachine is hard to log into from time to time.
4) Instapundit is slow as hell.

Maybe there is something wrong with my Internet connection. I can get to Yahoo!, Google, and Amazon.

As to the question of will the bloggers leak the exit polls? Of course, they will. Wonkette already has, twice. But there are doubts as to whether they are real. The numbers look too strong for Kerry.

Drudge has got exit polls up now too.

I don’t know how the major media outlets are going to sit back and take this. If the blogs are outing the exit polls, won’t they have to do the same?

This is a very interesting ending to a very interesting campaign with a lot more to come.