My 50 Favorite Albums (continued)

I’ve taken my time adding another record to this list.  It is, as my brother Rod said in his comments, "a monumental task".  It is also, as my friend Bob said in his comments, " An age old effort, which never fails to satisfy".  I hope its more of the latter and less of the former for all of our sakes.

With that said, I am going to add a new album to the list every week until I get to 50 (albums not years!).  That should make it less "monumental" and more "satisfying", at least for me.

This week’s addition, spurred on in part by U2’s ubiquity on the public airwaves and on my private airwaves this week, is their finest album, The Joshua Tree.

I know that Ted and Tony have a preference for Unforgettable Fire, driven at least in part by U2’s greatest song, Bad.  And Bob is a fan of Achtung Baby.  I like that record too and I also really like All That You Can’t Leave Behind.

But The Joshua Tree is the U2 record I never can get enough of, like The Stones’ Exile, and so that’s why it ends up on my 50 favorite list.

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