Old Habits Die Hard

We were listening to satellite radio this morning and a song came on that I’d heard a few times in the past week.  It was a duet between Mick Jagger and Sheryl Crow.  I looked up the song, artist, title info and the song name was Old Habits Die Hard and its on the Alfie sound track.

Jessica told me that Joss Stone sings a song with Mick Jagger on the sound track and I figured that can’t be all bad, so I downloaded the record on iTunes and loaded it onto my iPod.

It was a moment of temporary insantity.  Because Mick Jagger hasn’t done anything good since Some Girls in 1979, 25 years ago, the year I graduated from high school.  But old habits die hard.

This record, a collaboration with Dave Stewart from the Eurythmics, is  particularly bad.  Mick is just pathetic, singing bad ballads with insipid lyrics that make me want to puke.

Can this really be the same guy who sang Gimme Shelter, Let It Bleed, Stray Cat Blues, and Salt of the Earth?  It must be an imposter.  I can’t deal with any other explanation.

As for Joss Stone, she’s forced to do a sappy rendition of What’s It All About Alfie which won’t do much for her blossoming career.  But there is one highlight on an otherwise miserable record. 

Joss Stone and Nadirah "Nadz" do a duet called Wicked Time that reminds me of the Fugees or Lauryn Hill’s solo record.  And Mick does some backing vocals on this track that are the only redeeming contribution to an otherwise sickening effort on his behalf.

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