Thanksgiving in NYC

Hpim0869 The great thing about doing thanksgiving in New York City is you can go to the Macy’s parade. 

We like to watch the parade from Columbus Circle where they have grandstands set up.

Yesterday was a particularly nice parade because it was warm, mid 60s, and people were enjoying themselves.

There are a few balloons that I really like.  My favorite is the monopoly guy.  But I also really like Charlie Brown and Kermit the Frog.

Hpim0854_2 Hpim0876_1

After the parade is over we usually go into the park and play football with the kids. 


The weather was perfect for that yesterday and we had a great game of touch football, parents vs. kids.  The kids killed us.


After some more time in the park, we hopped on the subway to come home for the big dinner.

Hpim0901 While we were having fun, the Gotham Gal was cooking.   

She cooked the bird on the rotiserie grill and it came out great.

Here thanksgiving stuffing recipe is on her blog and it is amazing. 

We had a bunch of friends who came over with their families and each brought a part of the dinner with them.

Probably my favorite part of the whole day is when we sat down for dinner, we went around the table and each person (kids included, in fact it was Josh’s idea) took a second to say what they were thankful for this year.  It brought home the meaning of the day.

It was a great thanksgiving for me and my family and our friends.  I hope all of you had equally great ones too!

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