Top 50 All Time Albums

I’ve seen a number of lists appearing in the blogworld.

Jackson has a nice post on the best live albums although it displays his constant disrepect for anything recorded post the mid 80s.

I have always like music lists.  This is the time of the year that the top albums of the year lists come out and I regularly find gems that I somehow missed.

But I also recognize that its hard to sit down and compile a list of top records without missing something important.

And I like the idea of dynamic lists that can change over time, like my In Heavy Rotation List.

So with that prelude, I am launching a new feature to this blog, called Top 50 All Time Albums.  It’s a TypePad list, a feature that I really dig.

And it will not have 50 records on it for quite a while.  It could take as long as a year to build this list.  And I want recommendations.  I’ll only take them if I agree with them, but I am sure we share a few favorites among us.

And I will change albums out over time as they no longer make my top 50.

The list is at the lower end of the left column.  I hope you enjoy it.

#My Music